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N/A Not Applicable
NBL Not Bloody Likely 
NDI Non Developmental Item 
National Institute for Standards and Technology. Gaithersburg, MD 20899. A federal agency under the Department of Commerce. originally established by an act of Congress on March 3, 1901 as the National Bureau of Standards. The Institute's overall goal is to strengthen and advance the Nation's science and technology and facilitate their effective application for public benefit. The National Computer Systems Laboratory conducts research and provides, among other things, the technical foundation for computer related policies of the Federal Government.
NCR Non Conformance Report 
NIH Not Invented Here
NIS Not In Specification 
NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming 
NIST .National Institute for Standards and Technology.
Noise In the context of quality management, noise is essentially variability. For example, if you are making ketchup, noise in the process comes from variations in the quality of incoming tomatoes, in changes in ambient temperature and humidity, in variations in machinery performance, in variations in the quality of human factors, etc.
NOMINAL Unordered categories which indicate membership or non membership with no implication of quantity, i.e., assembly area number one, part numbers, etc. 
Nominal Group Technique (NGT) A structured brainstorming technique that allows a group or team to quickly come to consensus on the importance of issues, problems or solutions. Based on individual contributions, equal footing of team members and prioritization of issues. 
Nominal Group Technique is a structured process which identifies and ranks the major problems or issues that need addressing
Nominal group technique Technique used to encourage creative thinking and new ideas, but is more controlled than brainstorming. Each member of a group writes down his or her ideas and then contributes one to the group pool. All contributed ideas are then discussed and prioritized.
Non Value Added Activity An activity performed in a process that does not add value to the output product or service, which may or may not have a valid business reason for being performed. 
Nonconformance Nonconformance is product or material which does not conform to the customer requirements or specifications. 
Non-Conformance Product or material which does not conform to the customer specifications and/or requirements. Sometimes used interchangeably with non-conformity. 
Non-Conforming Product Product which does not conform to the customer specifications and/or requirements. Same as Non-Conformance. 
NONCONFORMING UNIT A unit which does not conform to one or more specifications, standards, and/or requirements. 
NONCONFORMITY A condition within a unit which does not conform to some specific specification, standard, and/or requirement; often referred to as a defect; any given nonconforming unit can have the potential for more than one nonconformity. 
Nonconformity Nonconformity is a process which does not conform to a quality system requirement. 
Non-Conformity Nonfulfilment of a specified requirement. Sometimes used interchangeably with non-conformance. 
Non-critical code analysis .(IEEE) (1) Examines software elements that are not designated safety-critical and ensures that these elements do not cause a hazard. (2) Examines portions of the code that are not considered safety-critical code to ensure they do not cause hazards. Generally, safety-critical code should be isolated from non-safety-critical code. This analysis is to show this isolation is complete and that interfaces between safety-critical code and non-safety-critical code do not create hazards.
NORMAL DISTRIBUTION A continuous, symmetrical density function characterized by a bell shaped curve, e.g., distribution of sampling averages. 
np chart A control chart indicating the number of defective units in a given sample.
NSPI National Society for Performance and Instruction 
NULL HYPOTHESIS A tentative explanation which indicates that a chance distribution is operating; a contrast to the alternate hypothesis. 

null hypothesis is typically a hypothesis of no difference. That is why the word "null" in "null hypothesis" is used -- it is the hypothesis of no difference. Despite the "null" in "null hypothesis," there are occasions when the parameter is not hypothesized to be 0. For example the null hypothesis may be that the parameter is equal to a specific value.

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