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Become the best in class using six sigma plus. Your total quality 
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u chart A control chart showing the count of defects per unit in a series of random samples.
Unambiguous. (1) Not having two or more possible meanings. (2) Not susceptible to different interpretations. (3) Not obscurer not vague. (4) Clear, definite, certain.
Unit. (IEEE) (1) A separately testable element specified in the design of a computer software element. (2) A logically separable part of a computer program. Syn: component, module.
UNNATURAL PATTERN Any pattern in which a significant number of the measurements do not group them selves around a center line; when the pattern is unnatural, it means that outside disturbances are present and are affecting the process.
UPPER CONTROL LIMIT A horizontal line on a control chart (usually dotted) which represents the upper limits of process capability.
Usability. (IEEE) The ease with which a user can operate, prepare inputs for, and interpret of a system or component.
User. (ANSI) Any person, organization, or functional unit that uses the services of an information processing system. See: end user.
User's guide. (ISO) Documentation that describes how to use a functional unit, and that may include description of the rights and responsibilities of the user, the owner, and the supplier of the unit. Syn: user manual, operator manual.

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