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20% more capacity with no capital spending!! Use reliability engineering  principles and design of experiments to find where it is hiding.

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About Adams Six Sigma
design of experiments (doe)/ reliability

Adams Associates is a management consulting practice based in Lake Jackson, Texas. 

We coach individuals and organizations to develop and implement successful strategies, leading to improved results.

We provide training, development, and implementation facilitation of proven business organizational processes, structures and tools for systemic and behavioral changes that lead to client's continued successes and profitability. 

We offer products and services, which increase capability through the synergistic integration of appropriate attitudes, behaviors, statistical analysis, reliability engineering, improved interpersonal skills, design of experiments (doe), goal achievement and other efforts within clients' organizations. We call this approach six sigma plus.


Six Sigma Deployment by Adams, Gupta, Wilson

Our book Six Sigma Deployment is intended for the leadership of an organization considering six sigma. Included is a proven implementation path with management considerations for each step. Ours is a focus on the deployment considerations for success.  Technical tools while important do not generally determine the success or failure of six sigma deployment.


Cary W. Adams

Cary W. Adams, President of Adams Associates, is a management consultant with over 27 years experience in manufacturing, maintenance, safety, project engineering, strategic planning and quality. Over the last ten years he has assisted organizations in the chemical, manufacturing, maintenance, computer component manufacturing, health care, and distribution industries implement successful strategies.

Successful implementation of a strategy may involve leadership development and training for all levels of an organization. Systems can also be examined and appropriate tools and techniques used to make these more efficient and effective.

Cycle time reduction, HAZOP, design of experiments (doe), reliability engineering, team dynamics, problem identification/solving and statistical analysis are but a few of the specifics that can help knit the strategy, people development and systems together for successful goal achievement in a six sigma plus effort.

Prior to starting his own consulting business Cary was Quality Manager, including reliability engineering, for Dow Chemical Global Hydrocarbons and Energy. Other areas of responsibility have included Production Superintendent, and Environmental /Safety Director for Hydrocarbons, Magnesium, Energy Systems, Maintenance, Engineering, and Distribution.

Cary has an MS in Accounting and a MBA from the University of Houston, also a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BS in Commerce from Montana State University.

Cary has written and edited manuals for safety integrity, strategic planning, team building, cycle time reduction, root cause analysis, reliability engineering, SQC/SPC, benchmarking, design of experiments (doe), auditing, supplier partnerships, and process management.

Cary is an affiliate of Resource Associates Corporation and an affiliate of Total Quality Institute, Inc.

Cary a Senior Member of American Society for Quality and is a certified quality auditor (CQA), certified quality engineer (CQE) and certified reliability engineer (CRE).



Perry Regier

Perry is an Associate Consultant with Adams Associates in the areas of Quality, Statistics, Measurement Evaluation, SPC/SQC, Design of Experiments, Reliability and Time Series Modeling.

Since his retirement from The Dow Chemical Company in 1997, Perry and his family returned to the area of the family home in Corn, Oklahoma. 

  For 21 years Perry worked for The Dow Chemical Company, Texas Operations, in Freeport Texas in Research, Production, and in the Quality Department.  His primary responsibilities at Dow were the application and analysis of statistically designed experiments and the application of time series models to monitor and control multivariable continuous chemical processes.  He has performed Designed Experiments in production, research, development, technical services, and for customer support.

  Perry has written material for SPC/SQC, Reliability, Time Series and Design of Experiments which are the basis of much of the Dow Chemical Company Six Sigma training.  

Mr. Regier has studied the application of statistical methods from such eminent statisticians as G.E.P. Box, J. Stuart Hunter, Douglas Montgomery, David Chambers, Donald Wheeler, and others.

In addition to his work in the chemical industry Perry, taught chemistry and physics for 17 years at the public school and community college level. 

Mr. Regier holds a BS degree in Natural Science Education, a MEd in Science Education, and an MS degree in Chemistry with specialization in physical chemistry.

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