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Six Sigma Deployment is targeted at management and offers a path for successful six sigma implementation.
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Six Sigma Deployment

 by Adams, Gupta, Wilson

 Learn How to Maximize Your Profits with this 

 Practical Guide to Six Sigma Implementation! 

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- Includes case studies from Motorola, General Electric, Allied Signal, and three small businesses

- Demonstrates how six sigma complements the various quality management systems

Six Sigma Deployment provides a thorough understanding of the Six Sigma methodologies and its implementation in various industries. The authors offer practical information for successful implementation as well as what is needed to plan, monitor and steer this business strategy toward success.

The authors begin with an introduction to the Six Sigma initiative by offering a chronology of events from the origin of Six Sigma to the present. This includes the changing view of quality and how companies have benefited. Readers are also introduced to the currently popular breakthrough strategy and learn how this compares to the original methodology. Along with this, the different belts are explained in detail as to what the variations are among various service providers.

Some of the unique aspects of this book include the use of Six Sigma with the various quality standards that are being implemented today, the implementation of Six Sigma in supply chain management stream, and the analysis of different methods used by various companies, the strengths and weaknesses of each, results achieved and finally lessons learned. In addition, an appendix is provided that includes the various statistical or non-statistical tools employed during the implementation of Six Sigma.


Six Sigma Deployment, by Cary Adams, Praveen Gupta and Charles Wilson, 288 pp., December 2002, Cover Price: $39.99  








Chapter 1 Who Needs It?

Chapter 2 What is Six Sigma?

Chapter 3 Six Sigma Deployment Overview

Chapter 4 Opportunity 

Chapter 5 Management and Champions

Chapter 6 Strategic Plan

Chapter 7 Project Selection 

Chapter 8 Coaching

Chapter 9 Black Belts

Chapter 10 Green Belts

Chapter 11 Awareness

Chapter 12 Six Sigma Success Stories

Chapter 13 Enhancing Six Sigma to Deliver Highest Performance at Lowest Cost

Chapter 14 Six Sigma Methodology-The Benefits of a Strategic Approach

Chapter 15 Six Sigma and Quality Systems

Chapter 16 Final Thoughts

Appendix A The History of Six Sigma

Appendix B Tools Commonly Used in Six Sigma

Appendix C Training Certifications

Appendix D Brief Overview of Some Black Belt Projects

Appendix E Glossary



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