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Six Sigma opportunity.

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What can Six Sigma do for me?

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2% of gross sales as additional PBT each year for 5 years.

Six Sigma performance is:

  • 3.4 defects per million opportunities or less.

  • Less than 5% of gross sales to correct defects.

Most North American organizations are operating at about 3 Sigma performance.

  • About 66,800 defects per million opportunities.

  • 25% of gross sales used to correct defects.

Defects include anything that is not perfect. Often the biggest opportunities are outside manufacturing. Some examples of defects:

  • Service that did not meet the customer's expectations.

  • Unanswered phone.

  • Invoice errors.

  • Missed discounts.

  • Late or early delivery.

  • Overtime.

  • Scrap or waste.

  • Rework or recycle.

  • Typos.

  • Late filing of reports or applications.

  • Low yields.

  • etc.


Six Sigma Opportunity.

Difference between 25% of gross sales for defects and 5%.  That is 20% of gross sales as potential additional PBT (profit before taxes).

Assume you could only get half of that or 10% and it took 5 years to make those improvements.     

2% a year of gross sales as additional PBT.


Many other benefits are possible with successful Six Sigma implementation.

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